Atlanta Video Sewer Line Inspection

What is pipe video inspection?

With modern video equipment we can inspect the interior of your commercial building pipes to determine the source and size of any obstructions that might be causing water leaks or contaminating your water supply. Using this non-destructive testing method, we can inspect sewer line pipes of any size or material makeup, including PVC, terra cotta, cast iron, copper or steel.

Diagnosing any problems in the pipe.

Typically, analysis of the inspection video is conducted at the time of the inspection by the camera operator. However, the inspection is always recorded and saved for later review. Pipe video inspection can often uncover problems such as:

  • Broken, cracked or collapsed pipe
  • Offset pipe due to frozen ground, settling or shifting soil
  • Greaser or Foreign Object Blockage
  • Corrosion
  • Bellied pipe
  • Leaking joints
  • Root infiltration
  • Off-grade pipe

pipe video inspection

What equipment is required for pipe video inspection?

Sunburst Environmental has the equipment and training to inspect your commercial building’s pipes and sewer lines with the same kind of flexible, high-tech fiber-optic cameras that surgeons use. This rugged, lighted camera allows us to see any damage or obstructions that could be causing problems, or verify that water lines are clean after a commercial plumbing service is completed.  We are also able to use this camera to locate drain leaks from the inside of the pipe. Sunburst Environmental’s pipe video inspection equipment is state-of the-art and when combined with hydro jetting, is a very effective cleaning solution.

Discovered damage

If this is not the initial inspection, work may be needed to correct issues found with the pipe. We can make the diagnosis on-site, and often go ahead and fix whatever the problem may be the same day.

We may need to clean the pipe with a rotating root cutting blade, or alternately chemical foam might be used to inhibit root growth. If the damage is only located in a few spots, we may recommend to  excavate and repair those specific sections.  Severe damage could require excavation and replacement of the sewer pipe or drain pipes altogether.

Confirming Clear Drain Pipes

Need proof of the condition of the pipes in your commercial building? We can save the video inspection to be reviewed later.

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